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our roots

“Dado’s” comes from the first two letters of Datli Maya and Dogali

Datli Maya was our small oven restaurant with a big heart, which was open for more than 6 years and was located in the very centre of Taksim, Istanbul. We were mainly using ingredients from ecological small producers from all around Anatolia. The wood-fired oven was 80 years old. We lit it up each morning to unearth almost forgotten, traditional Anatolian recipes. We incorporated our enthusiasm for contemporary and innovative methods to concoct “fast-slow-food” for the conscious eater in the age of mass consumption.

We were offering many dishes : Kebabs, Turkish pizzas, traditional hot-pots, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free mezzes, local specialities, aromatic herbs & spices, and desserts that  put a smile on your face.

Since the adventure started in Datli Maya, our strongest wish was to be able to produce our own superfood products and vegetables. For this reason, after years of looking for the best location, we settled down in Ida Mountains in NW Turkey, at the edge of a huge national park and on a protected pocket of land, surrounded by lush green forests. Dogali project started there.

Dogali is a sustainable, ecological and institutional entity formed by a collective of friends. 

Besides working to diversify our crops and final products, our ultimate aim is to create a self-sufficient settlement for our community and a welcoming place where visitors can experience rural life and learn -or rediscover- how to live in harmony with nature.

Harvesting and production started in 2015. The pesticide-free plum varieties, apples, cherries and walnuts we grow in our orchards surrounded by forests are handpicked and then processed into delicious delicacies using modern equipment, yet traditional methods.
We were using our own picked and processed tomatoes, collected wild mushrooms, peppers and dried aromatic herbs in Datli Maya.


The birth of DaDo's..

Unfortunately in 2017 we had to close down our beloved little restaurant.

But we were not done with healthy food alchemy and creative cooking so we decided to take the opportunity to start again in Berlin. Holzmarkt s amazing support has been a key for that.

Members of both Datli Maya and Dogali have already joined many events and food fairs in Istanbul, Paris, Marseille, Berlin, Frankfurt, Vienna and Zurich, thanks to our network of friends who were keen on inviting us and organising events to spread the word about our project and products.

In late July 2017, we opened a food stall at Garbicz Festival under the name Dado’s, and this was the official birth of Dado's.

We brought with us many special ingredients from Turkey to prepare our dishes and for the first time we exported organic olive oil, pomegranate syrup and tahini (sesame paste). 

weather bio or collected wild, Priority for high quality ingredients from small producers

We believe food heals the body in many ways. For this reason, we have always been looking for wild products or organic ingredients. Our own products from the eco-farm are organic certificated from the year 2018.

Besides the delicacies we produce, we carefully choose organic or wild ingredients from small-scale and local producers who grow healthy and special ingredients using traditional methods...

Just like in Datli Maya and in Dogali, Dado’s is driven by some basic principles:

NO refined sugar, flour, iodized salt, sunflower oil or any kind of factory processed products.

Instead YES we use organic raw cane sugar, pure fruit molasses or honey, Himalayan or sea salt, olive oil, and premium quality spices.

We believe that food has to be as healthy and tasty: even if the cost of production is slightly higher, it is only for the best.